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Night of Light – Unusual night out in Utrecht

Night of Light, Dom tower, Utrecht

The cold season has returned and with it comes the melancholy, stress and listlessness we all know. We prefer to stay at home, enjoy a hot cup of tea and snuggle into our sheets. This dream of pure relaxation gets often disturbed by work, university or other matters. There is no time to unwind. But what can we do, to let time stand still for a while?
Little House in Utrecht found a way.


There are different places in Utrecht where one can sit down and enjoy a moment of peace. Sometimes Home is just not the right place to sit down and have a moment for yourself. (even when it is decorated beautifully and in a way you enjoy it.) Sometimes we need to break out from the mundane and discover new places.

Besides the beautiful canals, parks and streets of the city, the Dom is one of these places that needs to get discovered. (Trust us this won’t be a religious post). People who live in Utrecht or have visited it know, that the Dom is the most famous landmark of the city. With its 112 meters its the tallest church tower of the Netherlands and famous for its stunning gothic architecture. Although both of us have seen many churches and cathedrals throughout the years (believe us a lot!), we can say that the Dom of Utrecht has its own beauty, by day, but especially by night.

Night of Light, Utrecht, canal at night

Every third Saturday evening of the month is a special one for the Dom: the Night of Light. The cathedral opens its doors to visitors from everywhere to see the light installations of the Dom. You can light up a candle and enjoy a moment of peace. It is rather odd to believe that a visit to a small tourist attraction will give you the opportunity to relax, but trust us, you have to try it yourself.

When we went to visit the Night of Lights last month, both of us had some stressful weeks behind us and we didn’t expect that this would change. Without any expectations we walked through the streets of the city, until we finally reached the Dom. A man on the street gave us each a candle and told us to light it up, once we are inside. The light installations outside the tower were already beautiful but once we went inside the Dom we saw all the candles and knew it was a good decision to come.

Night of Light, Dom tower, Utrecht

During the Night of Light the cathedral is open for anyone to enter and exit between 20.30 p.m. and 11 p.m. We were obviously not the only ones there. Around thirty other people were also attending the event. You could hear a small choir singing and candles on the ground lead you to the altar of the church, where  most of the candles were lit. People come and go, light a candle and go sit on the wooden benches. Some people were smiling and enjoying the event, others were crying, praying or just starring into the flames, but everyone was peaceful. After we had lit our candles and sat down, we felt all the stress and burdens disappear for a moment. The combination of the silence, the singing of the choir from time to time and the warmth of the flames just gave us a feeling of coziness.

Next to the candles at the altar there were wooden bowls containing pieces of paper. These pieces of paper had written verses from the bible on them.
We decided to stay a little longer to enjoy the atmosphere. On our way out we saw the reverend standing in one corner, offering blessings for those who wished for them.

Night of Light, Dom, Utrecht, candles
When you come to the church by day light you can’t necessarily calm down and unwind. But the Night of Lights gives everyone the opportunity to do so, no matter where you are from, which religion you believe in or what concerns you in life at the moment. Once a month, there is the opportunity to leave all the problems behind and enter an area full of peace and warmth. Although the Night of Light is an all-year event, we would recommend you to go in the cold months. Because in these months we need love and light the most.

On our way home, we both tried to hold on to the atmosphere, which the Dom had created. We knew it was not only the candles that had given us light that night. The atmosphere, the people and the Dom itself, had all contributed to that beautiful feeling full of light and love. I know I will definitely go again.

Will you be visiting the Night of Light?

Night of Light, Dom tower, Utrecht, clock

More information about the Night of Light

Visit their website for more information and to see when the next Night of Light takes place!

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Dishipline – Not your grandma’s decorative plates

dishipline, art, vintage plates, decoupage art

dishipline, art, vintage plates, decoupage

dishipline, art, vintage plates, decoupage

**This post was produced in collaboration with Dishipline. To find out more about our collaboration policy, go to our about page.**

Decorative plates on the wall. Flowers, charming countryside motives or Delft blue anyone? I had never considered putting decorative plates on my own walls as I thought they were old-fashioned. That was until I found Dishipline.

(Instagram) Crushing plates

Like many others, I have an habit of searching Instagram for inspiration and new accounts to follow. During one of my searches I saw a picture posted by Dishipline and liked it. A few days later, they liked one of my pictures. I decided to check them out again and followed them and that is how this modern Instagram lovestory started.

Not long after that I got an email from Daniela, the woman behind Dishipline, asking if I was interested in working together. A few emails later we agreed to a meeting in Utrecht.

Coffee and light in the darkness

Daniela and her husband Flavio meet me on a sunny afternoon at one of the local cafes  in Utrecht. Daniela and Flavio are both Italian but have been living in the Netherlands for years and while they now sometimes drink cappuccino in the afternoon, to the horror of their Italian friends, they have not lost the Italian affinity for beauty and style.

While sipping our coffees we talk about our shared interests in sustainability, people-watching and good (vegan) food. Soon, however, the tone turns more serious as Daniela starts telling me about how she got started with Dishipline. She had always been creative and loved art but as it often does, work had taken her away from her hobby. It was during this busy period in her life that Daniela found out she had cancer.

The news came as a shock and Daniela’s whole world stopped spinning. Faced with things such as 5% survival rate and intense cancer treatments she could have given up and let the cancer win but Daniela decided to focus on the positive. “If 5% have survived, then why can’t I be in that 5%,” she told herself.

Daniela cut down her work hours, became vegan and started creating art using vintage dishes and pictures clipped from books and magazines. Her light in the darkness, being able to create something beautiful even when her own reality was shadowed by the illness. Now, after a couple of years that she was not supposed to have, Daniela is still smiling and creating her art.

Living room full of Dishipline

After we finished our coffees we headed to the Little House in Utrecht. I am extremely happy to live in a house where I get excellent light conditions in the afternoon. With a little help from the Dishipline crew, I turned my living room into a photo studio. Daniela had brought a selection of her collection for me to photograph and soon I was arranging them into little groups.

As I was taking pictures Daniela told me how she looks for beautiful dishes everywhere she goes. She also has tons of old magazines and books and when she has a picture and a dish she combines them using decoupage. She loves using fashion magazines as a source because when taken out of their original context, the models often tell a completely different story. Daniela also uses the shape of the dish not just to frame the pictures but also for depth and perspective. There is a lot of movement in her dishes. Even though Daniela uses vintage plates, the contrast between modern and old is in balance. The pieces are quirky, beautiful and they will make you smile and think. Where is family traveling? Why are the couple chasing each other? What is going on in the blue-coated lady’s head?

  • dishipline, vintage plates, decoupage, clown

Gallery wall addi(c)tions

Eventually the photoshoot was over and it was time to pack up the dishes for the train trip back home. I was having a hard time letting go of one the dishes, as I had fallen head over heels in love with it. Daniela had noticed it too and as I was opening my mouth to ask her how much she wanted for the piece, she told me it was a gift. Humbled, I said my thanks about a million times and even now every time I see my little dish hanging on the wall I smile. The piece is a part of my gallery wall but lately I have been thinking that it feels a little lonely so I am probably going to end up buying another one. (especially now that I have seen the new collection on Instagram)

If you are also a fan of the Dishipline art, you can go to their website or their Instagram and see the pieces for yourself. Each of them is unique so if and when you fall in love with a particular piece, make sure to email Dishipline to secure it for yourself!

Were you already familiar with Dishipline? Plates on the wall, yay or nay? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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Scandinavian bohemian – Our living room

scandinavian bohemian, living room, interior decor, little house in utrecht

living room chair

living room detail 1

living room detail 3

living room overview

Our living room is currently undergoing some major changes (well, additions) so I thought I would share these pictures I took a few weeks ago. This way you will see what a massive change the new things are going to make. (okay, I will stop teasing for now)

The living room is quite small but cozy. It’s still not quite finished or perfected (you can spot unfinished surfaces from renovating and some wild wires for the mister’s sound system) and the perfectionist in me shudders at showing the unfinished product to anyone. However, as anyone who has done any decorating in their own home, or better still, renovations, they will know that it’s a process and this is the current state.

A mix of Ikea, second-hand treasures and handmade items from the family, Finnish design items and trendy rotating accessories. That’s our living room in a nutshell. I like to call our look Scandinavian bohemian, mainly because I don’t quite know how to describe the mix of styles that are going on. The living room is definitely not the white, modern and sleek Scandinavian style but it’s not strictly bohemian either. Hence Scandinavian bohemian, as seen on Apartment Therapy and on my own Pinterest board where I pin my inspiration.

I love that the room always invites me to sit down and relax. I have intentionally kept things soft and comfortable. The large wool rug was something I never thought I’d like but now I quite like having it under my feet even if it is too big and requires a lot of vacuuming to keep it from turning white from all the cat hairs. (I should note that otherwise wool rugs are excellent for cat households! Poop, vomit etc is easy to just wipe off with a moist cloth as wool doesn’t absorb liquids as quickly as other fabrics)

You may notice that most of the seating is white and yes, the cats are the main reason for it. With two furballs living in the house I love that I don’t see the cat hairs until I sit down in my black pants. White is also a surprisingly easy colour for seating, especially with washable sofa covers. I also just happen to like white as an interior “colour.” I guess that is also a part of the Scandinavian bohemian style.

As I mentioned, there are things changing in the living room so I hope to share more pictures of the process soon.

What do you think of our living room? Are you a fan of Scandinavian bohemian? What is your own decorating style? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: Dit is onze woonkamer van paar weken terug. Hij is klein maar ik vind hem erg gezellig. Veel ikea, veel second-hand. Ik noem onze style “Scandinavian bohemian” omdat ik weet niet precies hoe ik moet hem noemen. Hij is niet strak Scandinavisch maar ook niet helemaal boho. Er gaat ook nog een hoop veranderen (wij zijn er al bezig mee) maar de style zal niet veel veranderen… misschien wordt het een stuk strakker maar ik ben echt voor zacht en gezellig en warm dus kaal wordt het niet.

Wat denken jullie van onze woonkamer?


Kaan en Co Opening Party

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292

kaan en co, kaan and co, kaan&co, amsterdam, lijnbaansgracht 292, opening party, treats

**This blog post was written in collaboration with Kaan en Co. All the opinions expressed by me are mine.**

Just over a week ago I was invited to the opening of Kaan en Co to take a look around the merchandise. It also gave me an opportunity to interview the owner Eva Kaan. Eva is an interior-lover and a mother in her early thirties. She started Kaan en Co initially as a webshop but around six months ago on a holiday in Thailand she heard that a shop location was becoming available. Eva took the chance and the shop opened two weeks ago on Lijnbaansgracht 292 in Amsterdam, just a little walk away from Rijksmuseum. Eva also writes a blog called Mrs Anchelon with a team of women wanting to inspire other women.

The opening was on Sunday the 10th, and I went there after my quick visit to the Swan Market in Utrecht. Eva greeted me herself and after getting a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion I got to explore the shop. There was a lot to see so it was lovely to have the opportunity to browse at my own pace. At one point Eva’s mother came to discuss the shop with me, and the whole time there were a lot of Eva’s friends and family around, supporting her and celebrating the opening. “People ask me ‘Who’s the &co?’. I don’t have an official &co, but I mostly answer the co’s are all my ‘kornuiten’, which in my case means friends and family who help me with the shop,” Eva wrote to me later when I mailed her my questions. 

  • Kaan & Co, Amsterdam, Lijnbaansgracht 292, interior decor, ethnic chic, bohemian, visual merchandising

The products at Kaan en Co are all carefully chosen by Eva. Her own decorating style, “ethno-chique” as she calls it herself, is reflected in the colourful fabrics and patterns. “In my house, almost all the walls are bright white, but almost all the items have color or a good story. I try to avoid Ikea as much as possible (although some things from Ikea are absolutely fantastic!), because I want my house to be different. Just like in my own house, the shop has quite a lot of color plus it’s a mix of different styles. . . .  After the opening on Sunday, my friends told me the shop is really ‘Eva’, so maybe we should just rename it to ‘Eva’s style’.”

Finding inspiration from instagram (she has over a 1000 screenshots on her phone!) Eva sources the products from several smaller (European) brands, some of which produce their items in Asia. She also works with a manufacturer from Thailand who makes the specific items Eva designs herself. Eva has visited the manufacturer’s factory in the northern Thailand to make sure that the working conditions are good and to get to know the people she works with.

Along with the small brands, Eva works with a vintage wholesale company that source quality vintage and antique items that are used to display items in the shop but some of them are also for sale. To me this makes Kaan en Co an almost irresistible shopping destination. Unique vintage items, carefully curated brands, in many price ranges… can’t stay away!

Eva says that for her it’s important to have a variety of prices in her shop. “I have cushions for 15€ and I have cushions for 160€. I adore the 160€ cushions, but I’m well aware of that not everyone can pay prices like that for ‘just’ a cushion. When I buy items for the shop, I take a close look at the price and when it’s high, I ask myself whether I would save up for a product like this. If the answer is yes, the item is welcome in the shop.” As someone with a student budget, I appreciate that. I love splurging on beautiful things for the house but I can’t do that all the time so it was lovely to go to the store and find gorgeous items within my budget.

Finally I ended up buying some little things for the house: a small copper basket that I put in the kitchen and a small glass and copper box for containing all of the earrings I always end up leaving next to the bed. Pictures will follow later although I already featured the little box on my instagram. I also received a pair of absolutely adorable earrings from Eva, as a small thank you for coming.

So if you ever are in Amsterdam and find yourself close to the Rijksmuseum make sure to pay Kaan en Co a visit! They are open from Thursday to Sunday from 11 o’clock to 17 o’clock. Most of their products are also available online in the webshop.

Have you already visited Kaan en Co? Do you have a favourite shop I should visit, either in Utrecht or Amsterdam? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: een ruim week geleden was ik in Amsterdam voor het openingsfeestje van Kaan en Co. Kaan en Co is een superleuke concept store vol met verschillende interieur en lifestyle producten geïnspireerd door reizen naar Thailand en instagram. Kleurrijke patterns en unieke vintage-vondsten voor verschillende budgetten, ik voelde me helemaal thuis! Ik heb paar dingen gekocht, een kleine kopere mandje voor in de keuken en een kleine glazen en kopere doosje voor oorbellen en andere sieraden die anders naast mijn bed liggen. Het adres is Lindengracht 292, Amsterdam, geen vijf minuten lopen vanuit het Rijksmuseum, ideaal dus voor een dagje Amsterdam! Kaan en Co heeft ook een webshop dus ook als je net iets te ver woont, kan je die leuke producten gewoon naar huis laten bezorgen. 

Ben je al er eens geweest? Zijn er nog andere leuke winkels die ik móet kennen? Ik hoor het graag!


Swan Market Utrecht

swan market utrecht

swan market utrecht

swan market utrecht bakery

swan market utrecht jewelry

swan market utrecht foodbar sign

swan market utrecht steamed bun

Last Sunday I went to the first Swan Market Utrecht of the season with the mister and Sophie. I was already familiar with the concept as I visited one during the last season as well but those who are not familiar the Swan Market is an event for artisans, artists and other creatives with handmade items, art and vintage for sale… and of course there are food, drinks and music to wrap things up into a very attractive package.

The weather couldn’t have been better either, we had such glorious sunshine and the Vredenburgplein was packed with happy people walking around or sitting down with food and drinks.

Unfortunately we had a tight schedule for the Sunday so we only stayed for an hour but I found many potential art sources for our gallery wall and the mister and I shared a lovely steamed bun bought from one of the stalls. Ours was with pork but Sophie had the tofu one and she said it was very nice too. The only complaint was that the buns were cold, otherwise they would have been perfect.

After the market the mister and I made our way to Amsterdam to the opening of Kaan & Co but I will get back to that in its own post.

How did you spend your Sunday? Did you enjoy the sunshine as much as we did? Have you ever been to the Swan Market? Any other events you would recommend? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: De afgelopen zondag ben ik naar de Swan market geweest hier in Utrecht. Het was de eerste markt van het seizoen en het weer kon niet beter beter geweest zijn! Ik had mijn vriend en mijn vriendin Sophie mee, en wij gingen rustig rondlopen. Ik heb niets gekocht maar wel leuke nieuwe kunstenaars gevonden. Helaas hadden wij het heel druk dus wij hebben maar een uur gebleven: namelijk moesten wij naar Amsterdam naar de openingsfeest van Kaan & Co. Er komt nog een post erover!

Ben jij ooit naar de Swan Market geweest? Zijn er nog andere leuke events die ik moet kennen? Ik hoor het graag!

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Window decor – a promise of summer

window decor, cherry blossoms, disco ball

Window decor is not important only for shops and companies, but also for anyone who lives on a ground floor. Having grown up in Finland, I value my privacy so we generally have thin translucent curtains in the front to prevent curious people from looking indoors, and in the evening the we close all of our curtains. As my mother likes to say, you don’t want to live in a fish bowl. (or maybe you do, based on my observations the Dutch have more exhibitionist tendencies than I do in any case)

ragdoll cat, window decor, spring time, cat sniffing flowers

In Finland I worked a few years in retail and with design products so that has taught me to consider window decor as a way to showcase our style. It also offers the neighbours something to look at and adds to the curb appeal. It is also a lot nicer to come home and see pretty things on the window greeting you.

I am however not the biggest fan of a fully stuffed window sill. Curating is the way to go in my opinion. Otherwise you may end up looking like you have issues with hoarding. If you can’t decided which items you like best then rotate them in cycles. Change it up every month or season or what feels best to you. Just don’t stuff it. Give the items room to breathe.

My window decor is located at both ends of my window sill to leave some space for the cats but if you can, one bigger centrepiece in the middle generally looks great.

DSC_0754 copy 2

As an attempt at keeping our home’s location somewhat of a secret in this day and age (as I said, I like my privacy) I am not going to show all of our window decor, especially not the latest one. (though I’m sure most of my readers are lovely people who won’t start stalking me) But here is a part of one from a few weeks back when the weather was lovely and not this bipolar rain-sun-rain display we have been having this week. The cat, Audrey, was of course there to steal the show when I was taking pictures, as she usually does. The sunlight may have also had something to do with it, after all, cats are the true hedonists of the world and love bathing themselves in even the fleck of sunlight.

The disco ball has followed me around for a few years already, it was one of the first things I bought when I moved to my little studio in Helsinki back in the day. Now it serves its purpose blinding people on the street.

I also like to have fresh flowers or green plants that reflect the current season. The cats on the other hand like to occasionally kick them over but that’s life with cats. A risk worth taking and so far (knock on wood) they haven’t managed to cause any massive damage.

A few statues finish it off, though the owl is more the mister’s thing than mine. The little copper bird I found at It’s a Present here in Utrecht and it was so delightfully silly and kitschy that I had to have it.

The vase is from Ikea and I have it in four different colours. I can recommend it for homes with cats as mine haven’t managed to break a single one and they have given it their best efforts.

Do you dress your windows or is window decor something you haven’t given any thought? If so, why? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: Raamdecoratie, een mooi manier om de buren te laten zien wat jouw interieur stijl is zonder dat ze binnengluren. Wij wonen op begane grond dus ik vind het fijn om een vitrage te hebben, ook is het misschien niet zo modern, en s’avonds gaan de gordijnen gewoon dicht. Ik ben nog niet ingeburgerd genoeg om ze open te laten. Dus ik zorg dat langslopende mensen hebben iets leuks om te kijken. Meestal bloemen met mijn disco ball. Af en toe is er ook een kat erbij. 

Hoe voel jij over raamdecoratie en/of gordijnen? Ik hoor het graag!


Easter brunch and back to normal life

easter brunch, brunch, Little House in Utrecht, paas brunchMy life has been in the state of a minor chaos lately. The past two-three weeks were spent almost entirely on school work: first deadlines and then exams, and once those were over, I managed to get a concussion last week (forever the clumsy one) and it has been really challenging to get back on track with blogging. This is where having blogger friends comes in hand. Just yesterday when I knew I had to pick up the blog (not that it’s a chore, I love it, but picking something up after neglecting it for a while can be tough) but didn’t feel like it, Sophie sent me a link to a massive list of blogger resources. Talk about good timing.

Anyhow, Little House in Utrecht is back in business, more or less. I have pictures (for example these from our Easter brunch) to share and summer is approaching so there will be more exploring of Utrecht too. This Sunday I will be going to the Swan Market to look at all the pretty things the vendors there have to offer. Hopefully I will also find something to take home with me as well, though my wallet disagrees with me. Student budgets don’t stretch very far.

I am also going to start including a Dutch summary at the end of each post. (scroll down for it!) While I know that most of my Dutch readers probably read English without trouble, it is also a good opportunity for me to keep up and improve my written Dutch. On the same note I would love to add more Dutch (interior) blogs to my reading list so if you have a blog or know a good blog, please link me there! (if you are a blogger you may also want to take a look at my collaborations page)

paas tak, Easter decorations, Easter

Enough of the blog talk, let’s get to the business at hand, namely our Easter. I took these pictures with the intention of sharing them so now I am doing just that. (much later than I planned)

I couldn’t quite enjoy Easter to the fullest due to studying for exams but I wanted to celebrate a little either way. In Finland to the general population Easter (and pretty much every single party and celebration there is) is about food, especially lamb, so that’s what we had on Easter Sunday. We also had the traditional Easter brunch at the mister’s dad’s place. On Easter Monday we had brunch at home just the two of us and in the evening we went to the movies.

Our own Easter brunch was a pretty casual one… Freshly squeezed orange juice, tea, fresh bread from the market, carpaccio, yogurt, salad… and of course eggs, or it wouldn’t be Easter.

I really love our breakfast set. It’s the first set the mister and I ever picked out together, six months into long distance relationship, on one of my visits to the Netherlands. The set spent some time with me in Finland when I was living in my own apartment but seeing it being used for what we intended it, lazy brunches with just the two of us, makes me feel extremely happy.

Now that I am back to posting I would love to hear how you have spent the past weeks. Busy with school? How was your Easter? Are you loving the increasing sunshine as much as I am? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Nederlands: Het is bijna een maand sinds mijn laatste post. De laatste tijd is erg druk geweest met school (deadlines & tentamens) en vorige week had ik een hersenschudding. Vrij lastig om bloggen dus… maar nu ben ik terug! Met Nederlandse overzichten ook! Ik weet dat mijn Nederlandse lezers waarschijnlijk heel goed Engels lezen maar toch wou ik mijn Nederlands oefenen… mijn excuses als het een beetje raar lijkt. (En voor de foutjes ook!)

Ik zou ook graag meer Nederlandse blogs willen lezen dus heb jij een Nederlandse (interieur) blog, laat mij het weten! (en misschien vind jij het ook leuk om even naar mijn samenwerkingen pagina te kijken * wink wink *)

De foto’s zijn van onze Easter brunch thuis… het was erg eenvoudig maar wel lekker! Hoe hebben jullie Pasen gevierd? Hebben jullie het druk gehad met school/werk? Ik hoor het graag!

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Girls’ night

Little House in Utrecht, girls' night, gin and tonic

Little House in Utrecht, candles, flowers, living room, girls' night

Such busy weeks at school now that we are only two weeks away from the final deadlines! In times like these it’s fun to look back to more laid-back times, such as to the girls’ night I had almost two weeks ago with my lovely (blogger) friends Hayley and Sophie.

Hayley just launched her new travel blog Travel in Technicolour and Sophie is the cooking maven behind her blog Feast with Sophie. Both most certainly worth a visit or two!

Anyway, it was a really nice Friday evening filled with food and sparkling wine and gin and tonics. Plenty of girl talk too. Exactly the kind of thing one needs occasionally.

We decided to have the girls’ night as the mister was off to Austria and we had the place all to ourselves. We put up music, lit all the candles in the house and sat around the table. Sophie made a Mexican-style salad and tomato salsa and Hayley brought more snacks as well. I made a Finnish style gravad lax according to my grandmother’s recipe. An interesting mix of different cuisines but hey, good food is good food!

Though all of us love visiting new interesting places in Utrecht, this time we decided to just stay in. (none of us was feeling like going to the bars) Sometimes, and for me it’s starting to become most of the times (getting old I suppose) it’s more fun to stay in than go out. The drinks are generally cheaper, and in our case the food is better. Also you have more say over the music!

We had such a great time and we will definitely do it again. I love entertaining at home, be it a girls’ night or a dinner party with family. Brings the space to life.

A short post today, as I haven’t quite got the hang of scheduling posts yet. Rookie mistake, but I got to dash off soon to start filming one of the videos we are doing for our school projects. This one is a PSA against verbal abuse. I do love the fact we get to work with such different things!

What are your ingredients for a perfect girls’ night? Do you like going out or staying in? Let’s hear it in the comments!


Dark bedroom inspiration – we’re redecorating!

*Disclaimer: sorry for the lack of updates in the blog last week… I was down with what apparently was a strange viral infection and could hardly cope with all the school work, let alone the blog. Now we’re back to normal so expect posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!*

Who else watched vtwonen last night? That blue and moody makeover really struck a cord with me, as much as I love our predominantly light living space. Still, there is just something about darker interiors, especially in the vintage/bohemian style they did (totally my thing as well, though less bright colours and less romance) that reminds me of fancy old mansions and decadent elegance of times gone by. In fact, while we were cuddling up on the couch I said to the mister, “I think we should do a similar thing to our home.” The mister just stared at me as if I had gone crazy. It might be that vtwonen is getting banned in this house. (for the non-Dutch amongst us, vtwonen is a Dutch interior decorating show where a couple can not agree on their interior design style so they bring in the professionals who will try and create some balance. It also sometimes involves terrible mangling done to furniture loved by the couple, think family heirlooms, pieces from their travels etc, but all in all, good fun to watch on a Sunday evening)


In my defence it’s not the first time I’m drawn to darker interiors. In fact, originally I wanted to do our bathroom in a cozy and moody style, only the mister didn’t quite fall for the idea so now we have white tiles and the usual things. I’m happy with the end result and so is the mister (especially with his big shower!) but I still have a nagging feeling that we need a moody room in the house. Not the living space, oh no, that might be a little too much moodiness for my Scandinavian love of light, but a dark bedroom doesn’t sound bad at all. Especially for our tiny sleeping quarters.

When I say tiny, I mean tiny… our bedroom is roughly 8 m² in size. It has barely room for our 140cm wide bed (good thing I’m small and like to sleep close to the mister!) and our 40 cm (maybe?) with 30 cm walkways. Quite a substantial amount of space is lost in the room because we need to leave a walkway to the backyard door. (we weren’t allowed to move the door to the kitchen under our terms and on the VVE’s terms it would’ve been way too much work & way out of the budget) You can see the rough layout of our bedroom in the quick photoshop sketch I did below. It is not in scale but gives you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

tiny bedroom layout, little house in utrecht

As I said, tiny.

However, the size isn’t really the issue here, as we don’t really spend that much time in the bedroom to begin with. Only to sleep and well, whatever other stuff goes around in people’s bedrooms. The challenge lies in making the room look cozy and romantic and a place where it’s nice to retire at the end of the day. In other words: not like a walk-in closet, which it continuously seems to turn into. (note to self, wardrobe purge wouldn’t be amiss) I think a dark bedroom would be perfect in the evenings with some candlelight and linen sheets and music… but let’s not go there just yet.

Currently the walls are white, we have heavy blue velvet curtains that covers the entire window+backdoor wall when closed and then the closet has sort of greige/taupe curtains that serve as doors. The bed linen is white and then I have throw pillows in taupe, white and sort of aqua blue. (at the moment, they used to be pink) Current situation illustrated below… (apart from the pink throw pillows which are now waiting for a new pink phase)

bedroom, home decor, little house in utrecht, tiny bedroom

Nothing really wrong with it but wouldn’t a dark bedroom look just so much more luxurious and sexy? Something along these lines…

dark bedroom inspiration, moodboard, Little House in Utrecht

Picture credits: 1/Society via frenchbydesignblog.com2/thefreshexchangeblog.com3/Anastasia Benko at

Oh yes. Thankfully we still have quite a bit of muted blue paint left over from the accent wall in our living room (seen below in the background, if you can take your eyes off the cat) and the mister has agreed to give the dark bedroom a go and first paint one wall and maybe then all the walls… (and possibly even the ceiling though that might be a bit of an overkill) I will most likely have to find a new lamp, new curtains to cover the closet (or maybe even doors though I doubt the budget will stretch that far) and art to put on the walls (I did just find this art rental place in Utrecht!) but maybe then I will be rid of this nagging feeling that the bedroom isn’t just right. Perfectionism meets Goldilocks.

ragdoll cat, little house in utrecht, blue mitted ragdoll

What do you prefer, light or dark rooms? What is your bedroom like? Let’s hear it in the comments!


Bathroom organising problems – too much clutter!

bathroom, toilet, little house in utrecht, bathroom organising

Organising, especially bathroom organising, can be a pain. It’s no exception in our home!

Not quite the spa (yet)

Every house has one or two rooms that are quite not there yet. For us that is mainly the bathroom. Obviously it looks much better than when we started, but it still needs some TLC to really make my heart beat a little faster. It’s small, and as the mister and I love taking long showers (baths are not really my thing, in fact I find them a bit gross) the shower takes up half of the entire room. The rest is left for the toilet and the sink. Not the problem. Nope, the problem isn’t even the fact that there isn’t a ceiling yet and that there are still some tiles missing around the shelf in the shower corner. (not a pressing issue as it doesn’t get wet + it has been water sealed) Even the unfinished lighting situation doesn’t bother me that much.

The problems I mentioned before are not driving me crazy because I know that they are going to get fixed, eventually, perhaps once the work force (also known as the mister and his family) is back from their ski holiday. No, the one thing that keeps me up at night is the clutter. All that clutter. (and the lack of plants and cute bath mat… pretty much everything décor-wise!)

If you are as keen on hair & beauty products as I am, you will have gathered quite the collection of sprays and lotions and what not. Our sink has two relatively large drawers but even that isn’t nearly enough for my stuff. (and no, downsizing isn’t really an option as I do in fact use most of the collection) In the end every single surface in the bathroom seems to be covered in bottles and jars and tubes. Not quite the serene spa-feeling we were going for.

Bathroom organising – the pretty way

Solution: find organisers. Pretty simple right? Only, finding the perfect ones is a hassle on its own. We currently have one organiser from Ikea; I have had it for years now and it has followed me from Finland to the Netherlands and in all honesty I’m getting tired of looking at it. It does the job and I had a couple of friends admire it so I may have to re-home it. For the time-being it can stay, and I have my eyes on baskets.

I’m a firm believer in things not being clutter if they are in pretty baskets or containers. Yes, you will see them but there is order in the chaos. And who doesn’t like cute storage?!

Here below I have collected five (semi) possible candidates for the job.

bathroom organising, baskets, ferm living, house doctor, lastu birch basket, nordal, pt linea mand setPicture credits: 1/Finnish Design Shop, 2/, 3/, 4/Finnish Design Shop, 5/

Number one is the small arrow basket by Ferm Living, available for instance at the Finnish Design shop. It’s cute, and the perfect size, but the price (30€ per piece) doesn’t really work with my student budget.

Number two however has a slightly nicer price tag. These are actually flower pots by Nordal, available at, though I think they would perfect in a bathroom as they can handle some water. The set is about 40€ so still not quite the budget option but it doesn’t make me cringe either.

Number three has kind of similar vibe going with the ferm living basket, but the price is a lot more student friendly! (9,95€ per piece) Of course it’s very cute and with the handle I could even hang some on hooks… This basket is by Home Doctor and it’s available at (and a few other webshops).

Number four is more of an “if only I had a full-time job” kind of thing, but it is just so pretty! It’s a traditional Finnish woven birch basket and I am utterly in love. They are made by Verso design and available at the Finnish Design Shop.

Number five is a really cute set of copper wire baskets. The price is okay and these are actually small enough for the shelf above the toilet. I’m just wondering if they go so well with the spa-feeling we’re after. In fact I think that these baskets might just be better for the kitchen but we’ll see… The baskets are by pt (present time) and are available on

I think I’m most in love with the fern living basket. (well, I really love the woven birch basket but that is way out of budget) It’s the perfect size and it would look so good in our bathroom (or any bathroom really) but I’m not sure if I can justify spending 30€ on one basket when I have so many other decorating projects besides the bathroom organising one. If anyone has any suggestions for a nice lookalike, I’m all ears! In the meanwhile just look at how pretty it is:

ferm living, finnish design shop, bathroom organisingPicture credit: Finnish Design Shop

Which basket is your favourite? Do you have any tips on bathroom organising? Maybe you have a favourite webshop you’d like to recommend? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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